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The composition, structure and place of use of a cinema chair

The cinema chair is a kind of public seat. Most of them are composed of four parts, the back seat, the chair seat, the armrest and the foot. Cinema chairs are widely used in cinemas, concert halls, studio halls and other large auditorium. In addition to being widely used in cinemas and theaters, cinema chairs can also be used in important places such as government offices, schools, halls, stairs, classrooms, offices and so on.
The size of the cinema chair can be determined according to the site and the use of the case, and can be added to the placement document and the writing board equipment to be recorded. The movie theater chair must guarantee you to have the good line of sight in the movie at first, and lets you sit comfortably, does not have the fatigue, therefore most theater chairs use the sofa type. Seats also need to consider numbers and local lighting in the dark so that users can identify and look for seats.
Seat materials should be made of special wool fabric for public seats, which is stain proof, anti fading and flame retardant. The feet of the chair should be made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate by stamping die standard molding (thickness were higher than 2.5mm) with high quality tube, cold drawn steel tube thickness is 1.8mm, welding by two kinds of protection after pickling and phosphating electrostatic spray. Seat armrest should be made of high quality ABS material, one-time injection molding, handrails with a bucket of water (popcorn cup, bucket), and designed to function up and down, convenient access, save space. Sponge should be made of polyurethane material, cold curing process, one-time molding (built-in steel structure frame), back sponge for cold curing process, high resilience sponge built-in ABS skeleton. The seat and back shell is made of high quality polypropylene material, one-time injection molding, anti impact, wear-resistant, easy to clean.
In the choice of cinema chairs, we must see the comfort of the seat, the back of the radian must be suitable for physiological radian of the human body, so that sedentary will be comfortable.


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