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What kind of auditorium chair is a human body structure seat?

According to the relevant experts understand that many of the auditorium, chair height are not qualified, and therefore sit for a long time, they will feel backache, back pain, discomfort. So how can we adjust the auditorium chair to the best possible condition?
First, from the mechanical point of view of auditorium chair:
The open angle (the angle of back and seat): general view of the performance of the position for setting at 103 degrees (105 degrees -110);
The front part of the seat: the inner side of the leg is not compressed, and the shape of the front end sag can correspond to different physique;
Seat height: lower leg height, 1cm shoes height (leg is 1/4 of height), 410mm-460mm;
The neck: in order to improve the comfort from the head to the neck, here when the back bone is reduced into S shape;
Back: with the shape of the back of the body in line with 3 times to spread the weight of the surface;
The waist support: skeletal upper, all time will be reduced to S the shape of the back bone;
The seat and back: the same 3 moderate surface spread the weight;
Two, visual field height
Close your eyes, and then gradually open your eyes. The view probably falls at the center of the computer monitor. If the display position is too high or too low, then you need to do the appropriate adjustments to reduce neck muscle strain, can reduce the back burden to a minimum.
Three, waist
When you're tired, don't tie yourself in the auditorium chair, which will increase the pressure on the waist and the intervertebral disc. The buttocks close to the back of the chair, it is best to put a cushion, so that the back can be slightly bent, so tired, the body will not shrink into a mass.
Four, leg stomach
In the case of the buttocks close to the back of the chair, try whether the clenched fist can pass through the open space between the legs, the belly, the back and the front of the chair. If you can't do it easily, then the chair is too deep. You need to move the back of the chair forward, cushion a chair, or change a chair.
Five, thighs
Check to see if your fingers are free to slide below the thighs and at the front of the chair. If the space is too tight, you need to add a adjustable footrest to support your thighs. If there is a finger width between your thigh and the front of the auditorium, then lift the height of the chair.
Six, elbows
Sit relaxed under the premise of the elbow from the table as close as possible, to ensure that the upper arm and spine parallel, hand appearance in the table (such as notebook or keyboard), adjust the auditorium chair height, to ensure that the right angled elbow. To adjust the height of the armrest which happened to be on the arm at a lift arm.
The combination of the height, comfort and modern beauty of the auditorium chair makes it attractive in appearance and easy to clean. It is equipped with a high comfortable backrest sponge, so that the back of the human body is better wrapped up. Of course, sitting in a stationary position for a long time is not good for the body, so remember to do it for at least one to two minutes every half hour. Even simple activities such as stretching out of the body or going to the bathroom are possible. If there are conditions, take a walk 20 minutes, not only can reduce the pressure on the spine, but also can promote blood circulation, thus the nutrients transported to all parts of the spine.


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